Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's almost two years

In just a little more than two weeks James will be two-years-old. My little boy is a toddler, getting up to all sorts of mischief and wanting to be in to everything.

He doesn't speak yet. Well, he does, but it's a language that only he understands, we get the odd recognisable word now and then. He's very fond of No and there's an occasional yeah, Mummm, Dadda, something that my mum thinks is Nannan (and who am I to disappoint?) and things which might be yo-yo, shoes and anything else that starts with a sssssss or shusssssssss sound as he likes to say that a lot.

His lack of words do not, however, mean he is unable to communicate or us to communicate with him. He's as bright as a button and understands everything which is said to him, and an awful lot of things said over his head that he's not supposed to be listening to. He has also mastered the imperious point and grunt system of telling us what he wants.

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