Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank God for the NHS and some wonderful staff at Frankie and Bennys

Last weekend was a nightmare weekend. We went away down to Banbury on Saturday morning after James' Christmas party with all the mums and babies that we go to our groups with. Nice easy drive down, lovely new Holiday Inn Express, met up with Mike's father and sister and had dinner at Frankie and Benny's (James shrieking because of the Christmas parties being in and the poppers etc going off).

Went to bed, he didn't sleep much and woke up at 4.30am but did go back to sleep but he was generally being a bit of a monkey all morning. After we'd had breakfast I was sat on the floor in the restaurant at the Holiday Inn putting his coat on and he was pulling and wanting to be running around. He broke away from my hold and turned to the right, tripped up over his new shoes (which were on his feet but they're a little bit bigger than the sandals he's had before) and fell to his knees, smashing his head on a solid wooden chair which was underneath the table next to us.

He got a huge lump and an instant bruise with a lovely purple line right across it where he'd hit the edge of the chair but after five minutes of crying he was okay and running around as normal so we went off on our merry way and visited the local wildlife park and then went to Upton House before saying goodbye to Mike's family.
We went to visit our best friends who live in Banbury and James had his tea there and then Mike and I headed off back to the Holiday Inn to get James ready for bed and to pop to Frankie and Benny's for our tea. We decided to get steak as it was our first proper meal out for months and James was sleeping and dozing off in his chair.

The food had just arrived when he sat up, coughed once and then projectile vomited everywhere. Nightmare! The staff were brilliant, took our meals back and put them on the hot plate and Mike went to grab clean clothes from the hotel while I cleaned James up and took the Buggy Snuggle off the pushchair etc. At this point wasn't really thinking much of him being sick as he'd been okay during the day. Got him changed, settled back into the buggy, food was due to be brought back and he did it again.

Only this time, he went white, lost all colour in his lips and went unconscious and couldn't be roused so I phoned for an ambulance and they were amazing, they arrived in less than five minutes. The staff at F&B were amazing too, they'd boxed up our dinner when James had been sick the second time (though we never got to eat it!) and the general manager then came over when he went unconscious and was checking him for food/choking etc and putting him in the recovery position just as the ambulance arrived. The ambulance lady just took one look at him, grabbed him and legged it for the door with Mike following and me just stood there in shock.

Anyways, long story short, I went in the ambulance with James who'd started to come round in the ambulance, they had him hooked up on a heart monitor and he was getting oxygen. We got to A&E and they took James straight into the Resus Room and weighed him and shoved all sorts of electrodes and gadgets on him and where he projectile vomited for the third time all over me!

They weren't happy with his heart rate and something else (can't remember now) and so he was put into a Recovery Room and hooked up to an ECG machine and some other machine monitoring his oxygen levels, heart rate etc and they said they were going to call out the radiologists for a CT Scan and get the anesthetist out because of him being so tiny they didn't think he'd stay still in the scanner. He threw up again and was really pale and lethargic and had this huge massive bump/bruise on his forehead and all these doctors kept coming in and looking at him and the machine's alarms kept going off.

We went for the CT Scan and I was able to stay in the room with him covered in huge radiation shield clothing so God knows what I looked like, as he was really drowsy and so they taped him down on the machine and fortunately he stayed still for it all.
Then we played the waiting game while all the various paediatricians were called out and they waited for the CT Scan results.
Fortunately it came back normal and all his other neurological tests were clear so they decided to put him under observation overnight and they checked him every two hours. Because he was still being sick, they weren't sure if he had a bug or if it was pressure on the brain/bleeding on the brain so we just had to wait and see.

Thank God, they think he had concussion which caused the unconsciousness and the first couple of lots of vomiting, then they think he possibly had a totally unrelated bug which kept him sick for the next 12 hours or that he was being sick from the stress of the bump/hospital trauma. We finally got released at 8pm yesterday and stayed another night at the Holiday Inn and then got back home tonight.

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  1. Goodness! That must have been so scary for you all :-( Glad he's ok now