Monday, July 27, 2009

Yet another month goes by

I really need to frame myself and remember to log into my blog more often. Then again, I have a good excuse this time, I've been on my holidays.

We went down to Green End, the beautiful house at the bottom of the New Forest on the coast opposite The Needles off the Isle of Wight, which has been in Mike's family for three generations. It's such a lovely house, a friendly house, if that makes any sense. Whenever we arrive I always think it looks happy to see us.
The house itself is a double roofed, sash windowed cottage probably built around the end of the 1700s and probably by one of the salt pan owners. It's whitewashed with climbing roses all over it and black painted windows and has about a half acre of garden laid out with informal wildflower beds and rosemary hedges.

If I could pick it up and move it up here I would love to live in permanently. Unfortunately the little village that it's located in is one of those filled with retired sailing people and hasn't much facilities, although there's a great pub called The Gun which does amazing Lymington River crab salads, and there's a bigger village just down the road which has shops and banks and restaurants.

So, we went down for Mike's family's annual do, which has been moving later and later in the year, it used to be in June, now it's July and we're expecting it to move to August next year. This year there was a very small contingent of family but we still had a lovely time. We then stayed for another week and the following weekend, had a load of our gaming mates down for a few days of beer and good food.

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