Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wool, it's for more than just jumpers!

I have a new addiction. I never really thought of myself as having an addictive personality but it seems that I was wrong.

Drink - take it or leave it. Cigarettes - stopped dead when I was pregnant with James. Drugs - never been interested. Cloth nappies - urm well, you see, they're soft, and have embroidery on them. Wool - a whole new ball game!

I am addicted to wool. Not just any wool though, beautiful, gorgeous, soft merino and cashmere and Blue Faced Leicester. The sort of wool that gets turned into soakers, shorties, crops and longies.
It started, really, with envy at Katie's collection of wool for Lal. Then Sarah posted some pre-loved longies on Cloth Tots and I bought them to give them a try for James and well, it just sort of snowballed from there.

My aunty Jen made me some soakers, just plain smokey blue, work fab at night over James' BumHuggers and Baby Beehinds. Then I saw some wool hand dyed by the fabulous Sarah at Babylonglegs and I was hooked.

We now have a beautiful pair of custom shorties which are actually a bit more like crops, knitted by Yvonne at The Nappy Garden (those of the snail) and another pair on the way from the same fabulous girls in the most amazing colour combination of black, lime, orange, yellow, purple, pink, they really are a many coloured dream pair!

Then I bought a combo from Buy British Month on the great Cloth Nappy Addicts forum, a Pickle Paints T shirt with Emmie monster (she likes little snails and walking with dandilions, how cute is that!) and some shorties knitted by Evelyn at The Soaring Sheep.
My friend Zoe is knitting me some longies from the Sleepy Times Knit pattern in another Babylonglegs colourway called Big Cat, all browns, oranges, blacks and yellows, like a little tiger and the lovely lovely Jo at Halobaby is saving me some of her VHC dyed wool to knit into something at the end of BBM.


  1. Fabulous.....I like that :)
    Glad you like my work.....its always nice to read of peoples glee :)

    S xXx

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