Friday, April 10, 2009

Poorly baby

James has had the vomiting bug once already, about a month ago. That involved me sitting up with him all night for two nights in case he was sick and choked. It wasn't pleasant to watch my little boy dry heaving.

He also had the most horrendous explosive poo, fortunately that didn't last very long so you can imagine how overjoyed I was to be woken up on Tuesday to the sound of him coughing and making choking noises once more.
I went to get him from his cot and he was boiling hot, I mean his skin was burning up like he'd been exposed to the sun for hours. But he didn't have a temperature. Still, I took him downstairs, got him some milk, gave him some of it and then tried the Cheerieos when he projectile vomited all over the high chair tray. Thank God that it was on is all I can say.

So, off we went upstairs, got him changed, woke his dad and told him we were off to the doctor's, which is, fortunately, just over the road. We arrived, I registered him with my usual doctor, yay six people in front of us, this was at 8.30am.

I took James into the children's playroom, where he promptly vomited again. Fortunately my cousin Lucy was on hand to watch him while I went looking for tissue and cleaning lady and to apologise to the staff for his explosion. Rang his dad and he came across with the changing bag and some more clothes to change him into. Which he then threw up all over again.

Anyway, an hour or so later, during which time poor James has just sat like a little teddy clinging onto his dad, we see the doctor, who rules out a throat infection and pronounces the vomiting bug once more.

So, another two nights of sitting in the feeding chair with James in the travel cot in the spare room just in case and now explosive poo. Unfortunately, his cloth nappies are feeling the brunt of it and so we're back in disposables overnight so that we don't end up with everything getting stained.

Ah the joys of motherhood!

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