Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nappy obsession

I am, I will happily admit, obsessed with nappies. Not the disposable variety you get in the supermarkets, but the fabulous cloth ones you buy from the interwebs.

I blame it completely on the girls from my Baby Centre birth board. Miana runs her own company selling nappies and accessories from home and Emma has just some of the most gorgeous custom fluff for her son Ewan that I've seen.

Of course, being female and all that, I was covetous and envious of the gorgeous fluff and so I went to investigate further, found the Cloth Tots forum, where people offer up their new and pre-loved nappies to a new home, and from the BC Cloth Nappy Forum, I found Wee Notions, Upsy Daisy and the work at home mums who knit the most gorgeous soakers, shorties and longies to go over baby's nappy and give them the cutest bums.

There's another person who is to blame for me considering cloth in the first place though, outside of the Leeds City Council nappy woman who came to speak at my ante natal classes, and that's my Aussie friend Kath. Her little girl is just about a year older than James and it was Kath who first showed me that a cloth resuable nappy no longer resembled the Terry nappies of my childhood which required industrial boiling for a month to get them clean.
My Dad is proud of the fact that he could get my and my brother's nappies cleaner than my Mum when he had to wash them. He's regaled me with tales of standing in the kitchen stirring a pot full of terry towelling for hours on end - I think he's exaggerating, but probably not by much.

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