Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You see, it happened again

It's now October. I was sure I looked at my blog and wrote something in September but apparently not. That means it's effectively two months since the last time I wrote, or more accurately, rambled away with a big pile of nothingness on my blog.

So, what Japes with James have we been up to in the last two months. Well, I'm ashamed to say, not a lot. Mike and I went to a fabulous wedding in September but James was invited to that as it was his godfather to be getting married and he behaved impecably throughout both the service and the reception right up until the moment he zonked out asleep in his infant carrier around 8.30pm.

We've been really lucky that he's quite small for his age as he's literally only just growing out of the infant carrier that came with our travel system. It means we're now heading to Paul Stride at York to get him a rear facing Stage 1 car seat as they're so much safer.

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