Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Japes with James

So it begins, James is nearly a year old, I should have started this much earlier but at least this way there will be a record somewhere of what his life was like as a small baby and toddler.

I should explain more. James is my son, he's 11 months old and was born in March 2008, my first child at the age of 38. He was two weeks late, arriving at two minutes past midnight on the 16th instead of the 5th like he was due to.
His birth was fairly short, as I was induced, but rather painful as he decided to move from his perfect position to posterior, which meant his back was scraping along my spine with every contraction - nice!
He was born face up and all in one go, none of this letting the head come out and then taking a breath, out he shot like a rocket. But it was possibly the most incredible feeling I've ever had as the pain just disappeared once he arrived. He was small, only 6lbs 15oz, so would likely have been even smaller had he arrived on time.
We breastfed until he self weaned at the age of five and a half months and now he's a baby led weaner, eating pretty much what he wants along side some lumpy mush and jars of ready made food.

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